Weekly Look: All Out! Episode 1 & 2

As someone that’s recently become a fan of the sports genre of anime; I’ve decided to attempt a weekly review of the series All Out!  As a side note; I wasn’t really sure which series to even cover this season.

I’m about a couple weeks behind now  — so I’ll be writing about the first two episodes in this post, and go weekly from there!

I’ve been approaching sports animes with an open mind. The first one I had ever really watched was Kuroko No Basket. I didn’t think I would be interested in an anime about basketball as an actual NBA fan (Go Warriors!) – I thought how could I compare the two. However, I was completely wrong; why should I have to compare the two? I thoroughly enjoyed KnB and if anything it actually got me even more interested in the sports genre. That’s when I picked up Haikyuu! And my fate was sealed. If it hasn’t been made clear in any of my previous posts, I am a huge Haikyuu! fan. Therefore I’m a little biased and hold a lot of my sports shows to it as a standard.

Anyways, here we go!
First off were introduced to our 2 protagonists. They’re pretty glaring opposites both in size and personality.


Gion Kenji is of short stature with fiery personality that more than compensates for his size. His temper is easily set off when any one mentions his height. His personality and other defining physical characteristic reminds me of Kagami Taiga (Kuroko No Basket)


Then there’s Iwashimizu Sumiaki a very tall first year, who is as delicate as a kitten. And on top of that he’s a bishounen! He’s like a mix of Armin Arlert (Attack On Titan) and Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no Basket). Actually, a splitting image of kise now that I’ve put them together side by side. For some unknown unexplainable reason, this character irks me, is it his overly feminine face? His timidness towards people due to his awkward height? I’m not sure, but I bet he’s probably going to be a beast on the field when he gets past his fear.

I’m not familiar with the sport of Rugby and don’t know the rules. I’m hoping this show will help me understand the sport like Haikyuu and Kuroko (kinda) did for their respective sports. The only anime that has not given me that satisfaction is Days (and we’re about 15 episodes in and I feel like I don’t have any soccer knowledge outside of they run a lot) -I think that’s a disservice to those watching.

The first two episodes have been pretty good in terms of setting the story up for our two characters. With the melodramatic storyline that’s expected of this genre when Iwashimizu explains what happened to him in the past for him to give up rugby and Gion wanting to prove highest more than just his height. Although I feel like it may be overly dramatic on Iwashimizu’s part.


We’re introduced a bunch of characters. But a few stand out. First the team captain Sekizan Takuya and the vice-captain Hachiouji Mutsumi. The captain is incredibly built for a highschooler (but that can be said about all of these characters) with fabulous hair and a pretty face. He has a problem with Gion’s lack of respect for his elders and doesn’t hesitate to punish him in some form to correct it.  I could’ve done without the white curls in his hair though. Our vice captain is like a cuddly teddy bear; but characters with their eyes closed usually have a hidden personality; I bet he’s also a beast on the field. Then you have their manager Hoakari Umeno…who seems useless as a manager so far. She does such a fast explanation to rugby which I was really looking forward to only to be let down when she told Gion to research the rest of the positions and the rules on his own. A few other notable characters: Oharano Etsugo, another first year bishounen with rugby experience like Iwashimizu and Ebumi Masaru who seems to be Gions rival in terms of position. He seems to be the delinquent type, as he’s skipped practice for about a week and well as a comedic relief character. We’ll see how important his character’s role plays as the series goes on.

Since Gion is obsessed with tackling it’s safe to say this might be his area of expertise in the series, especially since Sekizan put him through an interesting training regimen to build good posture. However, I believe he’s going to need more than a command for tackling to be is use on the field. I really want to see what Iwashimizu is capable of after his first tackle with Gion in episode 1. I had hoped for more explanation of the game…but just a few positions were called out with nothing added to that. I may have to google it myself at some point. The booming sounds of the tackle are pretty effective in conveying their power. Character design is over the top, with the heavy dark lines when they do close ups, and such defined bodies; again for highschooler’s it’s kind of funny.

Episode 2 ends with the set up of a match with another school — Keijo. Till next time!

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