heyitszel’s most anticipated: Fall 2016 Edition.

The Fall 2016 is just around the corner.  Markers and I had a discussion and decided we should both write about what we think our most anticipated shows will be this season. So, here we go!

1. Haikyuu!! Season 3 : Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou

At long last, Karasuno is up against Shiratorizawa! The finals are about to commence as Season 3 continues where Season 2 left off during the Spring tournament! I hear the season is only going to cover this last match before it moves into the Tokyo Arc, I’m a bit bummed but I’m still super stoked for this one!

I’m a serious Haikyuu fan, so I’ve definitely been eagerly waiting for this new season to start! I write more about Haikyuu! on my personal blog found here.

2. Bungou Stray Dogs, Season 2

Season 1 may have been a little slow; but when there were action scenes it was a lot of fun! Animation was fantastic, and so are the character designs.  The overall premise of each character design is great (each one being based on a literary figure).  I’ve been looking forward to this one since they introduced the American authors at the end of Season 1!

3. Ajin, Season 2

The art style is completely different from other anime. The 3D animation on top of the stark color contrasts are some points as to why I’m intrigued by this series. It’s really unlike other anime I’ve seen. This one’s not super popular; but I happen to like the different art style this presents.

4. Sangatsu No Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion)

The preview to this one was what drew me in; the art is unique and the choice of song for the preview was great in grabbing my attention. There’s a kind of ethereal effect in some of the scenes; which is what really caught my eye. I have no doubt this one will have beautiful scenary. I have no knowledge of this anime’s origins; I just know that it’s a manga adaptation that fans have been looking forward to for quite some time.

5. Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (Please Kiss Him, Not Me!)

I found the preview and the premise for this one pretty funny. So I’m hoping this will be a side splitting comedy for the season! I think this could nicely round out my top 5. This one is probably the silliest, but I’m okay with that. I enjoy mindless/dumb humor from time to time; not everything has to be thought provoking.

Well, those are my Top 5! What will you guys be watching this Fall?

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