10 Animes You Can Now Binge On


With “now” being the operative word here. Here is a list of anime that is ready for complete indulgence with the winter 2016 season coming to an end.




Erased begins with Fujinuma Satoru, who appears to have quite the peculiar ability. He is occasionally sent back a short amount of time in order to rectify something that would other wise go awry. But things take an unexpected turn when he is sent back 28 years to stop the murder of his classmate. It is up to his past self to clear his name 28 years later. Can a 38 year old man in a 10 year old body solve an almost 30 year old case?

Available on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Funimation, Hulu


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


In a Fantastical world where no one can recollect their past. Grimgar bring the beauty of a new world together with the reality of what’s needed to survive in it. When six frail individuals form a group to make up for each other’s weaknesses. They will have to face both loss and gain in this journey of self-discovery and realization. This anime poses the question, Could you do better if it meant life or death?

Available on Funimation, Hulu

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju


“Rakugo” is an old comedic story telling art from Japan that predates WWII. This is the story of, Yuurakutei Yakumo, a renowned rakugo performer who takes on a new student. Hoping for a brighter future he tells of an invigorating story of his past. Along with his best friend they hope bring life back to the art. With each episode’s story as enthralling as the one before it, this anime’s performance is one to be watched.

Available on Crunchyroll

Prince of Stride: Alternative

prince of stride

Prinstride follows a school club’s renewal with  its attempt to rise to its once former glory. Stride is a fictional sport of track and field mixed with elements of parkour. This modern style foot race is a team event in which synchronization is key and emotions run rampant. From starting a new to returning veterans this show has anyone ever interested in sports to relate to. What kind of runner would you be?

Available on  Funimation, HuluDaisuki

Ojisan and Marshmallow


Ojisan and Marshmallow is a short anime that follows middle aged office worker Hige. Also his weakness for marshmallows repeatedly gets him into comedic misunderstandings. While his love marshmallows is great he is oblivious to those who like him. This anime is ever so whimsical much like an actual light and fluffy marshmallow.

Available on Crunchyroll

Rainbow Days & club RAINBOW


This anime is refreshingly short, as it follows a group of friends and there endeavors. In hopes of helping one friend recover from a broken heart by finding new love, they discover each other. As well as discovering those around them and the environment they create. As high school life is short it always feels like a lifetime. Reminisce with Rainbow Days & club RAINBOW.

Available on Funimation,

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation


Loosely based of the MMORPG of the same name. This anime revolves around “Segua” Academy’s all around average student, Itsuki Tachibana, who neither fails nor exceeds in much. When he is invited to the student council, he realizes this also comes with his first invite into the only world of PSO2.

Available on Crunchyroll



When the new transfer student with her head up in the clouds finds herself dreaming of being up in the clouds as well. Learns that it is no longer a dream but a reality filled with friendship and rivalries she falls in love with the aerial sport of FC also known as flying circus.

Available on Crunchyroll



When get to have a second chance at life in a new fantasy world It soon dawns on him that his fantasy will soon come crashing down as he is accompanied by an incompetent goddess, a delusional pyromaniac, and a perverted masochist. In this tale of adventure that never quite takes off from the starter town.

Available on Crunchyroll

Please tell me! Galko-chan

Oshiete! Galko-chan 22-noscale

A simple quirky comedy about rumors and myths in puberty and the scenarios that cause them. You fill find these three unlikely friends will stress over the superficial and tackle the menial issues of high school.

Available on Crunchyroll


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