Game Review: Abyss Odyssey

Abyss Odyssey is a dungeon crawling Roguelike progressing further and further into an abyss to awaken a Warlock which is dreaming up your existence as well as the dungeon you’re making your way through. With controls that take a bit to master the game overall has great artwork but feels lacking in gameplay experience.

Abyss Odyssey plays like an old platformer in many way, thinking that way about the controls helps. The jumping feels kind of heavy in a way, being unable to turn in the air will hamper attempts to reach health, mana or antidote bottles that are in high places. You also have the ability to sort of stick to the wall for a small amount of time but that doesn’t assist you in jumping as it would in some other platforming games. The platforming is not too difficult as you learn how the a few obstacles work.

As the dungeon is procedurally generated there isn’t a real feel for progress except for checking the maps you encounter before entering a new area. You will meet enemies that seem like boss fights as they are marked in the mini map and seem to be mirror images of the three playable characters, pulling from a similar outline and skills. However fighting them proves to be only a slightly bigger challenge than regular enemies.

The most challenging part of this game is getting used to the controls as once you have mastered movement and attacking the game becomes incredibly easier. Although it may also be the quick leveling and skills that help in easing the difficulty of the game. After 5 hours of gameplay time I had reach level 34 and defeated the Warlock at the end of the dungeon, although it seems that the game wishes you to continue defeating its procedurally generated dungeons infinitely I don’t feel compelled to attempt a second playthrough.

TL;DR Abyss Odyssey has controls that feel clunky at the start and before my first playthrough was done I was wondering if there was more to the game, there wasn’t.

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