Game Review: Pony Island

Pony Island is gate jumping adventure in which you play as a pony that must jump over gates to get to the flag pole. This is a true but ultimately misleading description for Daniel Mullins Games’ short horror adventure.

Pony Island starts in the first person perspective of someone about to play the game Pony Island. However Pony Island is currently unable to start. As you navigate menus and troubleshoot the game the fact takes shape that this basically is the game. A game in which you are on a fictional OS trying to fix the game you are playing and then it gets deeper. The horror setting begins to set in as you work your way through the trouble shooting puzzles and the pony hopping adventure.

Although I wouldn’t completely call Pony Island a traditional horror game, in sense of genre I would call it something more akin to psychological thriller if we’re going to compare game genres to film. Five Nights at Freddie’s being more along the tension building jump scaring horror feel that slasher and ghost movies embody. Without getting too much into detail and ruining the experience Pony Island is definitely has clever tricks that give the game a charm and make it well worth $5.

Overall the Pony Island experience delivers comedy, puzzles and ponies in a way that had me make a statement I’d never thought I would hear myself earnestly utter. “Dude, you should play Pony Island its a great game.” Make sure you have 2 hours of free time before starting this game because it is definitely worth it to experience the whole game in one sitting.

TL;DR : Pony Island is a light psychological horror that’s worth the $5 and 2 hour playtime.

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