Game Review: PULSAR: The Lost Colony

PULSAR: The Lost Colony is an early access space exploration game on Steam, developed and published by Leafy Games. Still in the Beta phases this game offers a lot of potential as it is further developed.  Piloting a ship with four of your friends or take on the challenges of navigating a ship through the vast void of space with random shipmates or even bots. PULSAR: The Lost Colony offers an open world cooperative experience that challenges your abilities to communicate and work as a team to ensure survival against drones and other ships.

PULSAR: The Lost Colony‘s graphics leave a lot to be desired, giving the early access feel right from the get go. However giving the game a chance and taking the time to learn what the five roles on the ship do our crew found the experience to be entertaining and fun. Take on the challenges of being the Captain, Pilot, Science Officer, Weapons Officer or Engineer with a somewhat in depth system. Gaining benefits with experience and leveling up your crew.

In our maiden voyage on the USS Tater Hater I took the responsibilities of the Science Officer. Being chief medic of the USS Tater Hater while using my scanners to find life on planets or see what components enemy ships and drones are carrying to decide on our shield type as well as which programs to be running. There are only two shield types for physical or laser damage and programs either support the ship or attack an enemy ship’s systems. Our captain was in charge of orders, plotting courses and credit usage for the ship. The Weapons Officer shot the turrets and loaded/fired the nukes as well as missiles. The Pilot was drove the ship. The Engineer kept our systems running, managing power usage, charging our warp drive for jumps, repairs and using fuel to reload the programs for the Science Officer to use. PULSAR: The Lost Colony does have an in game manual, however learning the positions on our own was most of the fun.

PULSAR: The Lost Colony also offers planetary exploration, using ship teleporters to go to the surface and kill spider creatures while looking for loot. While there are several types of planets to explore, you only are able to explore a small portion of the planet, usually an outpost, cave or ruin of some kind. Loot is similar to zombie survival games which includes food that heals for small amounts and a few weapons which may be slightly better than your starting equipment. After several planets our crew turned its attention to any other challenges PULSAR: The Lost Colony had to offer.

Overall PULSAR: The Lost Colony is an interesting space exploration experience, offering potential for a fantastic team based game challenging communication and cooperation. However, while it is in Early Access there is not enough content to keep a crew engaged much longer after learning their stations and getting a grasp of the game. I look forward to future content to come from the Leafy Games crew and would play more once there is more to do in the game.

TL;DR : PULSAR: The Lost Colony  is a pretty cool star ship crew game, but there isn’t enough content to keep interest for more than a couple hours.

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