I stumbled upon Polygon’s summary of an article posted by Bulimia.com. While I do generally agree with what I feel the underlying message might have been, Some of the examples chosen and the modifications don’t really line up with the ideal being promoted. The use of the term “unrealistic” may not be fully accurate when describing these changes.

My perspective may highly differ and even be skewed from whoever wrote this, but seeing as the average they are using as a basis of a woman in her 20’s for these image modifications is 166 lbs. 5’3″ 37 inch waist line I can understand why they got there. I’m not bashing anyone that may fit this description of average, found at http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/body-measurements.htm , what I’m saying is this is a mathematical average. This is not the most realistic interpretation of what can be achieved by a woman in her 20’s (or of any age really). For any example of fit and slim women look to just about any female MMA fighter such as Rounda Rousey (5’7″, 135 lbs.) , Ayaka Hamasaki (5’2″ ,  114 lbs.) or any of the fighters on this list from tapology.com


Juxtaposing these images and referring to eating disorders can infer that anyone that actually does look like that can only look that thin because of eating disorders. Which is insulting to anyone who actually puts in hard work at the gym, eat balanced meals and maintains a healthy body. This is the equivalent of me looking at an MMA competitor and saying they only have muscles like that because they use steroids. Which is a gross misunderstanding in how steroids work and discounting the hours they have spent in the gym and preparing balanced meals.

I do recognize that negative body/self image can lead to eating disorders, depression, etc. However I feel that’s more an issue of education than just seeing someone thin in a game. Some of the women in these games are fighters, adventurers and in general people that would be highly fit. In reality why do we ever need to bash either side of this. Thin bashing an ideal of fit women or fat bashing anyone in general. I get that this article maybe be staying directly on one side of the argument to drive the point home. However, I feel there is a better way to tell people to be comfortable with who they are and if they really feel they need to change, there is a healthy way to do so and to realize your limitations.

In many facets of life we’re taught to go for the impossible, dream big, shoot for the moon you’ll land among the stars, nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing. When I first started working out I wanted to look like Chris Evans in that scene where he first emerges after the injections of the super soldier serum, however Chris Evans doesn’t even look like that anymore and in training I’ve learned my limits and have created much better goals for myself. Nothing has ever been easy, but even if something seems unrealistic, should we never reach for it?

Also why did they use such an old image of Lara Croft when she no longer looks like that?


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