Video Game Review : Always Sometimes Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters is a narrative role playing game about life. The choices we make always affect how our stories unfold, whether we know it or not. Always Sometimes Monsters takes you on an adventure cross-county to win the love of your life back. Maybe.

In many ways Always Sometimes Monsters is similar to Telltale’s Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, etc. or Square Enix’s Life is Strange, except not episodic. It begins by setting up your back story and from there the life changing choices begin. Choices that don’t only affect your life, but the lives of those you encounter. Some decisions will come back to bite you in the ass, some will be highly rewarding, but just as in life you will not know until well after you’ve made your decision.

Set in modern times and in fictional cities, Always Sometimes Monsters deals with several situations anyone down on their luck might encounter. Dealing with trying to make rent, making sure you eat, scraping by on odd jobs, homelessness, etc you will need to decide on how you want to handle events as they come, including some choices you may not make in real life. After multiple playthroughs making different decisions, the story as a whole does change significantly, however the endings offered feel less varied, but do bring the tale full circle.

downloadThe graphics of Always Sometimes Monsters are a retro 16bit style akin to Chrono Trigger. Which gives the game a nostalgic RPG feel. The characters offer a wide range of options for your hero, male and female and of various races as well as choosing your paramour. The more detailed portraits of the character speaking brought a certain nostalgia and was a great addition to the retro style.

The soundtrack of Always Sometimes Monsters accompanied the game well but wasn’t something overwhelmingly notable. While I enjoyed listening to the tracks and felt they were appropriate for the style I don’t see myself downloading the soundtrack and putting it on during a road trip or listening to it at the gym.

Overall, Always Sometimes Monsters is an enjoyable experience if you like watching a story unfold from your choices. While there could be a bigger variety in the endings, it is understandable why the game ends the way it does from a game development perspective. Always Sometimes Monsters worthy of more than one play through to see the different ways your story unfolds.


I recommend playing if you like story driven games and can be forgiving of the writing. Its more about the journey than the ending. Its a good game with a nostalgic RPG feel with a fitting soundtrack. Endings could be better, but they work for the game itself. 7.5/10

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