5 Great Games You Probably Never Knew About: Online Competitive Multiplayer edition


Here are my top 5 games you probably never played before but have brought new mechanics to multiplayer that make it a lot of fun. These games, while not necessarily the best, are fun and should at least be tried once.


Aliens vs Predator

This game released by Rebellion as a long-awaited sequel of sorts to the classic 2000 edition, the game was well-balanced and made for great online mayhem. Unfortunately fans weren’t pleased by it lackluster campaign and difference from the predecessor among other things.

What truly makes this game shine is the balance, even with 3 different species in play during matches, all species have its pros and cons. Sadly, the game has recently been removed from steam but is still available through other distributors.


The Ship

This is digital murder mystery at is finest, the game was released on Steam during its early year but was of course overshadowed by Valve flagship Half-Life. Even more so due to the mods that were generated from Half life such as Day of Defeat, Team fortress, and Counter-Strike. Unable to compete with the current market of intense action and immediate urgency, The Ship, sailed off into the distant ocean.

The Ship combines many aspects of different games to make it its own, such as the Simulated lifestyle of the Sims, but you are in complete control and all in first person. The game can make for hours of fun and some the best espionage stories that it is still played to this very day.



Based on the famous tabletop game of the same name this first person shooter quickly fell out of favor with its tabletop fans as the game itself felt and played nothing like a tabletop game. The games didn’t feature any sort of single player campaign and quickly dropped out of favor.

This game did however bring new things to the First Person Shooter genre, by including magic and tech that truly shaped the battlefield. from teleporting through walls and gliding in the air. There were different races and a good amount of things to choose from to set your load out as the game progressed, much like counter-strike rewarded players who do well. this is still somehow weathering time as it still stands but here is to hoping for it to inspire some other FPS out there.


Splinter Cell: Double Agent

The fourth installment in the Splinter cell series this game was one the first one the first generation of HD consoles and had a riveting story, unfortunately at this point the IP seemed to be so milked and used that the game was played by many but neglected the multiplayer aspect.

The Multiplayer was brilliant with spy vs mercenary teams, the game was spectacular in balancing both sides. and required good team work and communication. The game also had little things to make it stand out just a bit more, such as spying on enemy mercenary voice communications by zooming in on them in first person or performing a roundhouse maneuver to deter and would be assassin from approaching from behind. This mode has now inspired Ubisoft to bring this game mode back in its latest installation.


Kane & Lynch

Last game on the list, as it scored abysmally with reviewers, it still has one the best and most unusual game mode I have ever come across. The game also manage to spawn a sequel with an improved version of the multiplayer game mode “Fragile Alliance.

Fragile Alliance, is pretty much how it sounds once you realize what the game entails. Everyone starts on the same team, but greed can quickly change that. if you feel you deserve more and are not willing to share you just have to simply turn on one another but consequences for your actions can be dire. anyone betrayed returns to the fray as a police officer to even the score. The game mode appeals to such a basic instinct that even the nicest of people will feel the urge to turn traitor especially if they feel you are dead weight. The game has betrayal at it’s finest, that you and some friends should look forward to playing this next time to help resolve any minor grudges.


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