Cosplay Purchase Review: Sohoku Jersey Yowapeda

I am a big fan of Yowamusha Pedal or Yowapeda and have become an avid cyclist lately, taking part in the Festive 500 on Strava and going on almost daily rides on my Specialized Secteur road bike. After seeing a post on reddit and considering that I may want a biking jersey I purchased the Sohoku Jersey from It just came in the mail and I’ve had my first ride wearing the Sohoku colors! 

The Jersey sizes on the Ali Express site are by Asian standards, so order a size or two up and make sure you check the sizing charts against your own measurements. As a US standard large to XL size male I opted to go for the XXXL as many reviews on the site said the shorts run smaller than the jersey. The reviews were accurate as my shorts fit fine 9708730and a little space in the jersey isn’t too bad, I could always bulk up and cosplay as Tadokoro Jin at my next convention. The jersey and shorts are made of moisture wicking material (make sure to hang dry them after a machine wash.) The set is 100% Polyester and has a rubbery plastic material coating the elastic bands on the short legs and the bottom of the jersey.The jersey itself is mesh allowing a lot of air flow while the shorts are spandex like in both feel and appearance.

It is a comfortable fitting jersey that provides easy access to my snacks, energy jelly drinks and cell phone while riding without any worry of my personal effects falling to the road side as I pedal. However I had discovered some loose threads after this ride, which I dealt with appropriately as per this tutorial. This was concerning as it was my first time wearing the jersey while biking.

As a cosplay item the Ali Express Sohoku Jersey is highly show accurate, the colors are vibrant and all the markings for Sohoku are present on the Jersey. However as the sizing of the top and the shorts are different, the top does cover the “Sohoku” on the shorts if I pull down the Jersey to fit correctly. If purchasing this set I recommend buying the top and the shorts separately to have everything fit well.

Overall I would rate this Jersey a 7/10.

+Padded shorts
+Show accurate print
+Its a jersey first and costume second

-Slightly see through shorts (wear something concealing underneath)
-Awkward sizing when purchased as a set
-It is a cheap jersey (basically you get what you pay for)

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