The 7 Nuances you Find in Today’s Anime

In the years I have been watching anime, I have come to notice a lot of commonality with each other, but I suppose that is to be expected with the length of time anime has been around. with that being said I give you the top 7 I have found in most anime as of late:



Delicious Treats

Delicious sweets & treats are the first on my list, sometimes inserted if only subtlety and other times more blatantly it presence is known. The idea of knowing your favorite character has a favorite snack or preference helps the audience connect or even attempt to connect with that character through our most primal instinct of consumption. We have all seen it from Oga Tatsumi stopping to grab a Takoyaki on the way home, L’s never ending indulgence of sweets in all shapes including sugar cubes itself, or even Honey’s insistence on eating cake regardless of a dental health. Delicious treats slips it way down throats and on to this list.


Recap Episode

Recap episodes, as much as any anime fan who marathons a new found anime hates to find one, they are still present. Though it may not be on all anime I still feel that it has happened often enough that any anime fan would know exactly what I am talking about, be it the beginning of a new season to remind you what happened prior or making an OVA in between seasons or even trying to do this on the 6th episode. Whether they are used for anyone currently watching it as it airs and forgot the past weeks or just the writers needing more time or biding time for more of the manga/light novel source material to be present to continue can be unclear at times but nonetheless still makes it on my list.


Cultural Festival

If the anime you are watching involves school, be it Middle school or High school, the culture festival tends to be a trigger for many things in anime from character development to romantic involvement because  the cultural festival is as big of a staple as exams are for any student. No matter where the character maybe, should it be a club or just their own classroom, the cultural festival always insinuates one thing and that is involvement. Be it a haunted house or a cosplay cafe the cultural festival lands it’s spot on my list as the most pivotal nuance found in anime.


The “Sneeze”

Ah yes the infamous sneeze effect, the one way to include a character not in the episode to make sure you didn’t forget about them. You know the one that shows the character sneezing from being talked about whilst not around. This one seems almost quintessential in most anime that I didn’t even need to describe it to any anime fan because they know exactly what I am talking about. The “sneeze” sprays it way from the screen to cameo on this list.


 A “-Dere” of some sort

That’s right the female counter part that falls under one of the four Dere types, be it “Tsun-“, “Yan-“, “Kuu-“, or “Dan-“. In fact it is so popular it has coined the terms and have made it the most identifying label in anime personalities. There are more detailed reports out there if you need more detail but most it can be quite self explanatory. “-Dere” waits for the right time and makes an impression on the anime industry and this list.


Summer festival

The second Festival on this list, but happening off school grounds and out of that school setting majority of anime loves so dearly. This festival usually ends with something quite dramatic right around when the fireworks get started. From yukatas to stall games, this is always endearing even if it is just the consumption of caramel apples, Yakisoba or Takoyaki. This cools down that summer heat with the evening breeze from the shrine next to the festival and makes it spot on this list before the fireworks start.


Fan Service

Finally, last but not least, Fan Service, the one thing that weasels it’s way into most any anime to boost the viewer rating. But no matter how sleazy or gratuitous it maybe we still like and eat it all up. be it quick upskirt/panty shots, revealing silhouettes, a swimsuit/beach/pool episode, or even a hot spring visit that has no character development whatsoever that is the anime industry’s current principle for maximum ratings. Fan service maybe in every anime much like bread and butter, it flaunts itself to make the last spot on my list.


What do you think should have made the list? Comment below.



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