Character Creation

With Wildstar coming up, I’ve been playing some of the beta weekends here and there. My first couple of hours always tend to be the same, creating my character. Granted, the character I was making in beta wasn’t going to be the one I would be staring at for hours on end once the game comes out, but I still wanted to get the basics out of the way so when the game comes out, there’s no time wasted. This doesn’t just come down to what they look like, but the class I play and in Wildstar Online’s case, the Path I take. In many ways what I choose is an extension of myself and says something about my personality. By the way finally settled on a Granok Engineer Scientist… or Settler… okay that part is kind of out there still… maybe soldier. The idea of this character is basically a representation of what you want to do in this world and overall character creation can illustrate certain traits about ourselves, even if we don’t fully realize it.

Lets start off with the basics, what your character looks like. Whether you want to rampage as the cutest little furry dude that ever crossed the fields of battle, or you want to stare at a sexy lady in awesome armor; the first step in character creation character design. Many times over I am conflicted in making a character that looks like me, or make something that just looks cool and fills out the role well… or something that is tiny and has no business tanking a 60 meter tall titan, but does anyway. The character I create is an extension of myself in this world, granted I tend to finally fall upon something that looks like me in the end, whether its my main or an alt character. Mainly because it feels like it would be cool to run rampant in the world they created. Thinking about myself as my character and seeing myself run around in Vana’deil, Eorzea, Nexus, Los Santos, etc. just makes the experience more personal. Yet, making that representation of myself an idealized version of who I’d want to be in this world is also appealing. Whether its the tiniest Tarutaru tank, dancing playfully for gil and making dumb jokes as Galka sit on me while waiting for a pull, or a large stoney Granok tank placing the solid badassitude of my armored self between my party and the forces of the Dominion, it just makes the experience more fun seeing that as me. Then there’s the idea of ownership over your avatar and just knowing you’ll be looking at this character for hours and hours on end.

While I’m not sure on majorities and minorities in this case, I do know the experience that I have and observations of my friends and family when they make their characters. In this case making a character that just looks bad ass is all it takes and then they’re done! That’s really all there is to it… or is it? Basically, on their end probably, but if we’re thinking about how this character is still an extension of them as a person, not really. There are many reasons we make characters look the way they do. Though the closest experience I have to this is my exploits as the tiniest tank in Eorzea and Vana’diel. Sometimes its also reflected in the names we choose. Like YourSister or WesKraken (that’s me by the way, WesKraken). Creating characters can be an extension of your wit, charm, sense of humor, sense of style, and just bits of your personality. And no matter what reason you create the character you do, there really is no judgement since its your way to live in the world you’ve chosen to play in and its your freedom to create whoever you want. Even if you’re a dude playing a cat chick named “LordLicksALot” and use this to seduce random dudes to help you complete quests and give you all the loots because you’re a “lady” 😛 If that’s how you play, that’s just how you do.

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