Cosplay Changed My Life

I’ve gone through a few Anime and comic conventions before I decided to cosplay. Like a lot of first time and veteran conventioneers, my experience when going to conventions was that more of a consumer or observer. I would just walk about different booths, saunter down artist alleys, sit in different lectures and participate in workshops, and peruse through several stores. It felt like I was visiting the aquarium, where there was see through glass between the aquatic world and I. About four years ago, I held my breath and swam with the fishes- in a non-mobster fashion. I delved into the world of cosplay and that change my convention life forever.

I cosplayed as Chad (or Sado) from Bleach anime series, thanks to a wonderful cosplaying friend of mine, and it was probably one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had at a convention. Costume making is another world in itself, and I give cosplayers much props for their time and dedication. Someone else made my costume and I just dressed up. But with the costume, I became a participant in a convention. I wasn’t walking around as a mere observer, I was Chad from Bleach, I wore the mark of a beloved character, I was being stopped for photos, asked to be glomped and joined photoshoots.

I did not know one soul in the Bleach photoshoot, and yet they welcomed a fellow cosplayer with open arms. I posed with them, played games of character chess, and even posed with other cosplayers from other shows and games.

Throughout the day, I was stopped for photos, but I didn’t mind. I’m not sure how many photos I got in, around a hundred I’m guessing. It all became a blur, but maybe I’m an attention whore, but nonetheless it was fun. I posed by myself. I posed with others. Sometimes I asked them to use my camera to take a picture with them.

The experience was fantastic. Along the way I made a few friends and swam with a different school of fishes. If I ever had a choice, I would always jump into the convention seas and swim with that crowd again. Being in a group of like-minded people is pretty awesome, and we humans do enjoy being a part of something bigger than us.

I would recommend that if you haven’t tried, you should, just even once, even if your costume isn’t the “best” because cosplaying, is costume play. Have fun.


You get to meet awesome people

That’s me as Thor, and my friends as the Avengers, in Wondercon 2010 in the back, the other tall guy in the back is the Hulk

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