Childhood Continued

While many things from childhood should be left in the past, there are some memories that are worth revisiting. Here are the top 10 of my nerdy childhood memories I’d happily revisit. There are many happy childhood memories I have of violent action movies, 8 bit video games and old cartoons; many of which should never be visited again. Not trying to be harsh on the late 80’s and early/mid 90’s, but it was the time of Robocop, the X-men cartoon and Maui Mallard( if you don’t know, look it up), all of which hold amazing memories for me in my youth, but as I look back upon those roads once traveled I think to myself “I feel sad that 7 year old me loved that so much…” Yet there are those shimmering gems that never got old in my eyes. Not that they’re all still my favorite things in the world, but I still appreciate them and understand why little me was excited to go through these experiences over and over again.

10:Mortal Kombat (the movie… only the first one.)

I was watching my cousin and brother one day after school when my cousin busts out this VHS tape and exclaimed “Mark! We you have to watch this movie, its MORTAL KOMBAT!” I was in disbelief that they had made a movie based on my favorite randomly gory fighting game. As we popped it into the VCR we all grabbed a piece of carpet to sit as close to the gigantic boob tube my parents owned. It was an amazing experience that had several of the greatest trademarks of the game in the film. Johnny Cage’s junk punch move, Sub Zero’s freeze blast, and Scorpion’s harpoon… although in the movie it was alive and had a mind of its own, I was more than fine with it. We quoted the echoing yells of Scorpion, the corny action lines of Johnny Cage and the sinister sayings of Shang Tsung for days while our parents thought we had gone mentally unstable. After about a year of continuous watching we had basically worn out the tape, especially where Johnny Cage says “Those were 300 dollar sunglasses asshole.” and “This is where you fall down.”, and it vanished into the space under the television where all non-watchable tapes resided. Years later I had returned to the world of Mortal Kombat and watched it again, and it still holds a nostalgic value to this day. I never watched any of the others out of fear of corrupting my memories.

9:The Simpson’s Arcade Game

The Simpsons arcade game sucked up a whole lot of my tokens at any Chuck E Cheese within the Tri-city area. Well mainly where ever my parents took me because transportation as a little kid was limited. There isn’t really a long story to justify this one… it doesn’t really need justification.

8:Dragon Ball

This one is a long time childhood favorite of mine, the only bad part was I only could watch it on a sick day. It came on at 8am on channel 44 public access television, which eventually became UPN. I didn’t get to watch the entire series until I could buy it on DVD, but the few hours I spent watching the original Dragon Ball series were full of joy. Of course I watched more of Dragon Ball Z, especially with Toonami showing it right after school, but it couldn’t compare to the re-watchable Dragon Ball, of course the only way to watch DBZ now is the Abridged series you can find on youtube (only as in the best way and the only way I watch it, you could probably find DBZ online somewhere else.)

7:Street Fighter II

I remember getting this game and sitting in my parents car staring at the box for half an hour, until my parents realized I was still in the car and came outside to get me. I started playing Street Fighter II on the SNES and every family party became a tournament of champions. Okay not really, it was more like a bunch of kids mashing buttons hoping to outlast each other. Though the world of Street Fighter II had expanded and grown, the original game is still a favorite to go back to and play. Yet while I’ve played much more complicated and interesting fighting games, this classic still can hold my interest.

6:Duck Hunt

The most popular example of early light gun games. Although nowadays its easy to ace this game for any light gun gaming arcade goer its hard not to enjoy myself shooting virtual ducks and showing up that virtual dog and his smug little laugh.


Who doesn’t enjoy this awesome puzzle game originally hailing from Russia? Whether you save one big long slot for the long straight piece, destroyed line by line quickly or just haphazardly placed pieces and hoped on luck. Many gamers, casual to hardcore have enjoyed a game of Tetris from time to time.  And through all of its iterations through the ages it still remains true to its core game play.

4:The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

In all honesty the entire Legend of Zelda series is overall fantastic. Yet this one stands out in my mind as one of my favorite experiences in the Legend of Zelda universe. I would spend hours enthralled in the game and enjoyed the story time and time again. Especially that seemingly long wait between the last game I beat and the next birthday I had. To this day the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past remains a strong installment of the Legend of Zelda series.


This lovable trio of the Warner brothers and the warner sister is as educational as it was full of insanity. At the time an incredibly relevant and helpful tool to help remember the 50 states and its capitals when I was in elementary school. The mornings of waking up and watching cartoons with a bowl of cereal were one of the only things that separated me from my SNES controller.

2:Chrono Trigger

With 40 different endings and many ways to get there, Chrono Trigger IS my favorite game of all time. I still start a play through at least once a year… whether I beat the game or not is more dependent on my schedule. The story of Crono making friends and his journey to defeat Lavos and save time is a timeless tale which will always have a place in my heart.

1: Batman: The Animated Series

A series which stands the test of time. The Batman animated series from 1992 helped introduce a lovable psychopath to the world for the first time. Harley Quinn made her debut and was given an origin and made one of the first transitions from cartoon to actual canon in the comic books. Going back and watching this Warner Bros. cartoon still leaves a satisfying feeling in my heart and a love for the caped crusader I remember from childhood. Unlike a certain uncanny group’s cartoon which debuted around the same time.

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