G4 to GQ and the era of television.

The news of G4 switching to a new brand and going through basically a full restructure reached me… rather slowly actually. At first I was saddened by the news. G4 or TechTV, has always been a beacon that there is a community out there for those much like myself. In the days where everyone thought playing video games all day and night was just a phase. Where the idea of the Video Game industry being a steady career path was laughable by my parents. A time in which the only people whom played video games in pop culture were nerds and little kids. I was both.

Of course times do change and with it, media changes. TechTV was taken over and became G4TechTV and eventually G4, the MTV-esque place for geeks, nerds and gamers to convene and get a daily dose of nerd pop culture. With shows like Filter (the one with Diane Mizota that actually had to do with video games), X-play, Cheat!(not to be confused with Cheaters), Game On, Pulse, the ever popular Attack of The Show!, etc. the Comcast owned channel quickly became a place I called home on my cable box, along with Cartoon Network. Yet as times marched on, I noticed a steady decline in the more nerdtastic original programming which G4 had to offer, and the shows became few and far between eventually only offering X-play and Attack of The Show!. While these shows were great to watch as I grew older I spent less and less time at home, especially at the times to catch what was left of the G4 line-up of original programming.

Just like most of those I know and maybe even most of the more tech savvy people of the world, the television was becoming more and more obsolete as a means to catch your favorite shows. With Netflix offering choice, variety and convenience to movie watching, Hulu came along and did the same with television. Yet that still seems to leave the niche of G4 to maintain its viewership… except for the fact that its viewers are well rooted in the internet. The internet itself is our community, and to watch upcoming gaming news or other nerdy exploits across the vast plain to tech/gaming news sites there was a more organized effort to create shows for those of their own ilk. Channels such as IGN, Machinima, the Nerdist, Geek and Sundry and many more became a steady and convenient place to find our news, comedy and basically geeky centered entertainment. While this is all old news, I never really thought about it until I found out about G4.

G4 is getting a new GQ inspired or Esquire-esque facelift. While the demographic hasn’t changed (male 18-24) the way to reach these college or new grads of the testosterone driven persuasion has. While they could just become another Spike tv, they’ve apparently chosen to become classy and begin a shift into the sophisticated young males. Which left gamers and tech geeks with possibly the same reactions as VG Cats. As Attack of the Show! and X-play see its final days in December, they will be remembered fondly.

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