When I think about when I was young, I fondly remember some of my greatest memories in gaming. For some, this might include hanging out with friends to play Dungeons and Dragons, waiting after school for one more match at MTG, or running home as quickly as possible to boot up Sonic or Mario. For me, it was all these things and more. This is why I find myself “gamifying” so many different facets of everyday life like preparing breakfast or taking a shower. When I think about how easy it was to be a kid, that was the driving motivation through my life. Video games have provided an outlet for me to figure out my limits as well as push them be it athletically or academically. Unfortunately, I never applied these self taught analogies in the social space, I ended up excluding myself from most social activities such as mixers and field trips. To this day, people still scare me a little.

One example was provided to me from my dad, whom after seeing that I got my first B+ (yeah, parents were that strict), told me that life is like my video games, in order to get to the next level I need keys. As a kid, I made the basic connection with keys, grades and levels, and it made school a touch easier. Too bad life isn’t that simple in the keys I chose to earn, but that’s a whole other story. That lesson did stick with me to this day and it’s helped me make a game out of almost everything from getting groceries to job interviews. To dumb it down, it’s exactly like setting a goal and following through, but that feels too sandbox to me (not a huge fan of sandbox games). I divide a task into small objectives, getting groceries for example, I set my general goal which can be anything from getting what I need without having to backtrack. After I decide that, I set the small objectives like, avoid potato chips (which I fail most of the time) or to save at least 20$ from the last trip. The goals and objectives have to change constantly, otherwise I just

Is there anything you “gamify” in your everyday life?

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