“Batman-ed” and how it happened to HoodedRobot

You just got Batman-ed?!

by Battledash

First of all you must be asking yourself what is “Batman-ed”? well my friend today is your lucky day as I am about to weave a tale that will probably blow your mind. One day on a venture to Target, HoodedRobot had found something he could not ignore, it was the plastic replica of the cartoon network “Adventure Timesword. After procuring the item, much like many of his plastic memorabilia, He begins playing with it all day forever jabbing it into many backs, chests, and even some nether regions.

With the trusty sword at his side he goes on about mundane tasks as usual and as the day winds down and the after work social activity begins. As though an extension to his arm he takes it with him to dinner and afterwards him, myself and some other editors of the blog, decide to enjoy a midnight showing the newly released “Expendables 2”. As we secure our tickets and begin our journey into the movie house to reclaim any male dominance lost from playing with toys and games all day, as our brigade was suddenly stopped by the ticket taker, usher, or whatever they choose to call themselves these days.

We momentarily pause as we retrieve the tickets only procured seconds ago to present to the kind lady. Quickly does she snarl at HoodedRobot and say “I’m sorry Sir, but you cannot take fake weaponry into the theater?”, we immediately reply “why?” and we get the snide response of “Because of the Dark Knight Rises movie incident”. An incident involving the shooting of many innocent movie goers for the much anticipated blockbuster film.

Appalled by her remark I swiftly hand HoodedRobot my car keys, as we car pooled this destination, to stow his phony weapon. As Stingray looked at me and said “Did he just get Batman-ed?”, we all chuckled. Thus “Batman-ed” was born, Thank you, James Holmes, for ruining it for all plastic weapon wielding movie goers everywhere.


Battledash is editor and reporter for anime and
news at geek entertainment site Battledash’s Anime Review. Follow him on Twitter at @Battledash

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